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"Wendy Martelli is one of the best teachers to go to for voice and piano lessons! She gives excellent feedback and constructive criticism that students can learn from. She pushes students to do their best work and it really shows when they perform. While teaching the essential basics of music, Ms. Martelli teaches students of a wide age range how to apply their knowledge to the pieces they practice and perform and gives them plenty of room to apply their own individual styles and feelings. Not only is Ms. Martelli a great teacher, she is a kind, genuine person who truly cares about the well-being and progress of her students. She will prepare students for performances, auditions, competitions, vocal recordings, and much more while giving them countless opportunities to perform. I highly recommend Wendy Martelli!"

"Wendy worked with my daughter from a background of little singing experience other than in church (in the congregation), and helped develop her skill and confidence in singing. We have had several recitals and I can hear the difference and it has helped my daugher in theatre already. We have had to cancel due to a busy schedule but have decided to enroll our second daughter in voice lessons, so I would say that's a testimonial. Wendy is very patient, very skilled at her craft, and great with young people. She is great with communication and follow-up as well. I recommend her services highly. "

"My daughter first start seeing Wendy in 2014 when she was in the 8th grade. She was in the school musical and needed help with a few Annie solos that were giving her trouble. The few lessons she had with Wendy were extremely beneficial and she was able to sing her solos with confidence on stage. She began training with Wendy full time in 2015 and is still there. Wendy has given her support, encouragement, positive feedback, constructive criticism and is never negative. When Wendy needs to make a correction, she stops and has my daughter try different vocal techniques until she finds one that works for her. Through Wendy, my daughter has been able to sing in the yearly recitals with a piano accompanist. Twice, she has had the opportunity to work with Jeff Alani Stanfill, a vocal coach from New York and Osceola Recording Studio in Raleigh to produce a voice recording and YouTube video. And she has been able to sing at a vocal performance festival to gain additional experience and constructive feedback. All of these events have definitely increased her confidence level and made her a better singer. Wendy is a wonderful teacher. She is kind, understanding and nurturing. My daughter absolutely loves her! "


"Working with Mrs. Wendy has been wonderful! She had an impressive professional voice career for
any years, and brings so much experience to her students. She makes lessons fun and engaging while
teaching valuable voice techniques, and our daughter loves working with her."


"Wendy is amazing! She was able to assess and identify where my daughter needed improved techniques and thru a method of filming her instruction and practicing these techniques at home, I have already seen marked improvement. She is patient and caring and this comes thru in her teaching. My daughter is so excited to be a part of her studio!"

Lessons with Ms. Wendy has transformed the way I think about not only vocals, but music in general. When I first came to her, I was a young girl who loved to sing pop rock. Throughout my lessons with Wendy, I have transformed into a vocalist with a unique style, technique, and range. Thank you so much for your teaching and for embracing all styles of music.
— Sabrina Zoccola
Having a child with a musical talent born into a family that has little musical knowledge is much like being given a beautiful orchid without any direction on how to care so that it will blossom. We needed a vocal coach that could not only teach voice but could help us to understand and to guide our child to blossom. This is what we found in Miss Wendy. Miss Wendy is more than just a vocal coach, she truly cares about our daughter. She encourages and guides with positive reinforcement backed by expert knowledge.
— Amy Harris Nordo
I have been studying Voice and Piano with Wendy since 2/2011 and have grown so much in my understanding of music theory, piano, vocal strength and range. Wendy is able to come up with individualized techniques that are unique to your specific voice and piano level to bring out the best in you. She also focuses on building your confidence and stage etiquette through positive encouragement and using outside resources to bring a different perspective on piano and voice. Wendy is passionate about seeing each of her students succeed whether it be for a music career, teaching or just to keep the love of music alive in their heart’s! I would recommend her highly to anyone who is serious about taking their voice or piano skills to the next level.
— Renee Adorian
Sydney loves playing piano. She loves her teacher Miss Wendy, she is an excellent piano player because her teacher does such a great job.
— Dorothy A Couval
Wendy has helped me so much with my breathing and learning to use my diaphragm correctly. With the techniques Wendy has taught me I’m able to hold notes longer with better pitch and tone. Even after two-hour performances I never feel any strain or stress in my voice.
— Brian Thomas
My 7 year old daughter is a vocal student of Miss Wendy’s. She takes great care when working with her. The songs and exercises are age appropriate, and it’s been amazing to see her confidence and ability grow in such a short time.
— Dana Davies
Wendy Martelli knows singing, and she knows teaching. With humor, kindness, and unrelenting good cheer, she completely overhauled my technique and sound in just six weeks.

My family, friends and I could not believe the transformation. My range increased, my tone mellowed, and best of all singing became almost effortless compared to when I started.

Her great gift is not to mold her students into some idealized type of singer, but rather to allow them to express their own natural musical gifts through relaxation and good technique.
— Howard Jacobson
Our family has known Wendy for 10 years. We met her when my older daughter was 7 and looking for a piano teacher. In the years that we have known her, both of my daughters have taken voice and piano lessons from Wendy, and I even began taking the piano lessons that I have always thought about taking. Wendy is a wonderful teacher; she is extremely professional, patient and supportive and inspires respect and love from everyone who crosses paths with her. Over the years, we have come to consider Wendy much more than our teacher – she has become a close friend and mentor to all three of us. We highly recommend her to anyone who is considering taking voice or piano lessons!!!
Enrolling a 7yr boy into piano was questioned by many, but I think the key is to find the right teacher! I can’t say enough about Wendy’s methods and winning style with young children. She brings a positive approach to teaching piano, encouraging and nurturing the artist within. My son enjoys piano every week, for 2 years now, and I thank Wendy for that!
— Gina Heatherington
I found Wendy’s website out of pure good fortune. From the moment I met Wendy, I had caught her infectious excitement and motivation for vocal coaching. Wendy is the kind of instructor who is dedicated to her students during and outside of lessons. I had immediate results from my training using her proper breathing support exercises. Her pleasurable personality blends very well with all of her students. She definitely knows when to apply a warm, tender budge as well as when firm one is needed. Through her tutelage my voice has dramatically transformed into a rich, fuller voice using hardly any effort at all to channel it. Working with Wendy will always be something I look forward to doing in my day. Attaining what my voice is today has genuinely been one of my most gratifying life experiences; I have Wendy to thank for that.
— John Branch
Mrs. Martelli is the best music teacher I could ever ask for. When I first started her voice lessons, I was so shy I could barely sing! But through Mrs. Martelli’s encouragement and instruction I am able to go on stage and perform for an audience. Without her help I don’t think I would have improved as much as I have
— Brooke Hagwood

Thank you for all your love and support.

— Sara Ferguson

Recommendations and Mentions

You’re getting a good one with Miss Wendy! Don’t miss this chance she is an excellent pianist, and a wonderful singer and an even better teacher. We have used her for 2 years with our 2 children and we are very sad to see her move to North Carolina.

She has helped Jamie and Gordon love the piano and become very good pianists. In addition to her skills as a teacher she has all the other great qualities such as patience, love and the ability to inspire them. She knows when to change things around to keep it interesting. She is very sensitive to children and is a person of very high moral character.

We highly recommend her.

Julie and John Walters

Ashley Evans is crowned Miss Absecon 2005 before 150 people at the 40th annual Miss Absecon Scholarship Pagent. “This is wonderful,” a nearly speechless Evans said, “I have to thank my voice teacher Wendy Martelli.” She won the talent competition with her rendition of the song “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best friend.” She earned $1,000.00 and the honor of representing her city for the next year.

Wendy Martelli is a well-established soloist and teacher. Through her years of experience in the South Jersey area, she has been recognized as a noted professional musician in this community. As a soloist, she has performed at numerous concerts at our two area colleges, The Richard Stockton State College, and the Atlantic Cape Community College. With her lively personality and exceptional coloratura voice, she has been a featured soloist with The Festival Chorus of South Jersey, and The Stockton Chorale. Ms. Martelli has been hired as soprano soloist at several area churches and sung at several synagogues. Her reputation in the community has led to numerous concert programs for the above and other area organizations. In addition to being the soloist, she has sung with the choruses for many of the major choral works, opera programs, and oratorios. Wendy sang with the chorus when it was selected to sing opera choruses at Atlantic City’s Convention Hall with Luciano Pavarotti. They also sang with Jose Carreras, and did numerous programs with Andy Williams, and Paul Anka at several Atlantic City Casino’s. All of the above added to her experience and growth as a singer and a teacher. Wendy studied voice with the renowned teacher emeritus Miss Florence Berggren privately and while a student at Temple University, and coached with well-known teachers in South Jersey, as well as emeritus Martin Rich from the Metropolitan Opera Company.

After moving to South Jersey, Ms. Martelli began teaching voice and piano. She has worked with numerous children and adults, and her studio has maintained a well-deserved reputation. Other area teachers and I have had the pleasure of doing workshops with her students and have been impressed with their vocal technique, performance ability, and continuous improvement. Several of her students have chosen to major in music at college, and have all been successful in their college auditions. Besides her private students, Wendy has taught voice as an adjunct professor at Atlantic Community College.

A certified licensed teacher of Kindemusik, Wendy has taught in her own settings, and at The Margate Community Church Nursery School as well as The Presbyterian Church in Brigantine and Beth Judah Synagogue in Ventnor N.J. She founded and directed the Youth Choir at Beth Judah Congregation and the Youth Choir at The Presbyterian Church with Robert Muir.

It is my honor to strongly recommend Wendy Martelli as a voice teacher, or a soloist.

Paul E. McKay, MM
(Founder Director for 30 years of The Festival Chorus of South Jersey
Director of Music at Margate Community Church – 30 yrs
Director of Music and Cantorial Soloist Beth Israel Synagogue – 17yrs.
Adjunct Music Professor Stockton State College – 17 yrs., and choral Dir.2 yrs.
Adjunct Music Professor Atlantic Cape Community College