Singing is speaking, only on a melodic line. The main difference is breath control. When you sing, you should breathe in the same way you do when you are relaxed. Your voice will then be free to ride on the air. There are no gimmicks or shortcuts.

Singing is fun and rewarding and should be stress free. However, good technique takes conscientious practice. Great voices are not just born, they must also be nurtured with great technique.

My teacher, Ms. Berggren from Temple University and Julliard School of Music, has taught students who placed first at the Metropolitan Opera auditions. She says, "support is 99% of singing." That is also my philosophy. Of course, you want good placement. The roof of your mouth is like a sounding board. You want to place the air as it comes out toward the back of your upper front teeth. Where your air hits and the shaping of your palette, lips and vowels will determine the color of your voice.


I give more than just a lesson, I offer a full spectrum of all aspects of vocal training. I use exercises customized to your voice and progress, which include breathing technique, vowel formation, tongue placement, ear training, and repertoire. Once a good foundation for vocal technique is established, I use songs appropriate for your voice to help you practice and apply the techniques you have learned. The goal is to be able to sing an even scale from bottom to top, without separation of registers.

Lessons can be targeted for any style, including classical, broadway, pop, jazz and sacred music. I will develop a tailor-made répértoire appropriate for your unique instrument and interests.  

It is highly recommended that you record your lessons, as a guide for practicing at home.

Along with technique, I also encourage musical expression and stage presence. I prepare students for auditions, college entries, concert performances, entertaining, and stage presence. Singers are first judged by their entrance into an audition room (including clothing and style of walking), as well as by their demeanor, smile, and posture. Then, they are judged by their vocal technique and musicianship. Confidence first - vocal talent last. If a singer is serious about his or her singing career, he or she must complete and compete on every level.

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