Alison Richardson singing One Perfect Moment March 2017

Gwendalyn Chapman singing Sit Still, Look Pretty March 2017

Devin Anne singing Gravity 2017

Amelia Smith singing She Use to be Mine 2017

Livia Marsden singing Something In the Way 2017

Chiara Gibboney singing Better Place March 2017

Melanie Young singing Colors of the Wind, Student Recital June 2016

Gabriela and Sofia Alba singing For Good, Student Recital June 2016

Niya Petkova singing Smile, Student Recital June 2016

Aden Bonet singing Self Infliction/Contradiction, April 2016

Hayden Wittenborn singing Let It Be, April 2016

Devin Anne singing Photograph, April 2016

Amelia Smith singing Clown, April 2016

Chiara Gibboney singing The Middle Of Starting Over, April 2016

Mia Gibboney singing Not About Angels, April 2016

Eloise Lake singing I Put A Spell On You, April 2016

Rachel Mann singing Stay

Sarena Harris singing Amnesia

Emily Brown singing Lay Me Down

Ingrid Santiago singing You're So Vain

Eloise Lake singing Summertime

Mia Gibboney singing Try

Chiara Gibboney singing Who Says